Investor Education

Four Steps to Better Investing

1. Work with a financial professional to develop an investment plan that is suited to your personal needs and objectives. Review it at least annually and revise as needed.

2. Keep expectations realistic.  If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Higher returns are typically accompanied by higher risks. 

3. Diversity is critical when choosing among investments, styles and portfolio managers, even when investments appear to offer limited risk.  A diversified portfolio reduces risks and leads to higher returns in the long run.

4. An asset allocation model should be designed for each client based on their current financial situation.  Changes in the clients economic circumstances require revisions to his or her portfolio. The asset allocation model should err on the conservative side, but almost always include some quality equity exposure. Inflation requires a growing principal balance to maintain the clients standard of living. The financial representative should prepare meeting notes for the clients records.


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